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September 11th, 2001

09:51 pm: 03:48] deathbydior: wait you're mike amato?
[03:49] ValmonteSprouted: yeah how did you know that?

[03:49] deathbydior: because i know who weanedonhogback is, & was there when he 'fought' you
[03:49] ValmonteSprouted: what? i never fought anybody
[03:49] deathbydior: outside rubulad?
[03:51] ValmonteSprouted: what the fck was that all about? Chris pretending to be vox? He's huffing and puffing on artstars.org now like he's gonna fight me again at MR. LES
[03:51] deathbydior: wait chris on artstars or vox?
[03:51] ValmonteSprouted: We didnt even fight in the FIRST place, I just called him out on some shit he was slinging Jen's way
[03:51] deathbydior: vox was upset before about people apparently impersonating him on artstars
[03:52] deathbydior: i wouldn't know as i don't use that board
[03:52] ValmonteSprouted: I dont think vox goes on there, It's Chris he has his own wing
[03:53] deathbydior: yeah i mean i was there at rubulad when you 'fought' vox
[03:53] ValmonteSprouted: Vox was all in her face and calling her a stalker I guess, It was like mega junior high school but he was exposed by TT who logged the useless wart's IP address.

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